In the Greek alphabet, the letter D, or Delta, is represented by a triangle. When we use Delta in mathematics, it represents change. That is what we focus on. Change of the individual, physically, mentally, and emotionally. By challenging ourselves regularly through discipline, effort, and experimentation, we can change ourselves and those around us. Besides change, the triangle also reminds us of one of Archimedes’ (287 – 212 BC) quotes,  “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”A triangle is an efficient fulcrum, and a reminder that change does not come through brute strength alone, but through the technical and leveraged application of the correct force. Given the right techniques and knowing when and where to apply them, we can train to be the change we seek to embody.

                                                                                                       -  Alex  ( Founder , DEFGROUOP )


Fitness should be about more than running on a treadmill, cocooned in your headset behind a flat-screen watching the latest episode of the TV series you've been following. Fitness should be a lifestyle choice, an interactive environment where one goes to meet like-minded people to enjoy a common interest.


DEFGROUP is that long awaited difference to the traditional gym. We are driven to connect as humans, and in today's increasingly online world, the offline aspect of fitness and human connection needs to be serviced, and this is the niche which DEF Group seeks to occupy.  We are therefore a great deal more than just another fitness centre, or gym - we integrate you into our family with real social and community bonding together with world-class instructors and coaches.  DEFGROUP delivers you unparalleled coaching, motivation, and results to succeed. 



To be the provider of choice for high end wellness solutions

 through the instruction of martial arts to all people



To build a community of like minded individuals regardless of age 

and gender who seek to improve their lives through training martial arts



Fitness as lifestyle.

DEFGROUP has two major brands


Train Like a Pro! Are You Ready?

DEF Boxing, established in 2002, is one of the top boxing gym in Hong Kong and home to Hong Kong‘s first ever and most decorated professional boxer, Rex “The Wonder Kid” Tso. DEF Group established the first branch of DEF Boxing in China in April of 2017.  Bringing all of the operational experience of running a top tier boxing gym since 2002, DEF Group is proud to bring the same level of professional instruction as well as high level training environment from Hong Kong to Shanghai.

Classes: Boxing, Muay Thai, Kids Boxing, Kids Muay Thai, Customized Classes for Corporate Clients



Commit to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Community


The Shanghai Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy (SHBJJ) is the first and finest academy of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Shanghai. Established in 2004, we helped pioneer the art of BJJ in China and is still at the forefront of professional BJJ education on Mainland China. Our BJJ class structure and progression systems are designed to allow ease of learning and allows our students to progress at their own pace while challenging them to bring out their best.


At SHBJJ Academy we offer a relaxed, friendly martial arts training environment. Students with no martial arts experience will find the training fun and intuitive. Those with previous martial arts training will see how to integrate their existing skills into the ground game.

Classes: BJJ, Kids BJJ, Self-Defense Courses, No-Gi Grappling, Women’s power BJJ, Customized Classes for Corporate Clients 


Founder Team



Chairman and CEO, les enphants


Finding Peace In the Movement

Movement is critical to all aspects of our lives.  Our relationships, organizations, finances, health, and careers are all driven by movements in one form or another. There is no room to think of anything else and being completely present and engaged.

He was a master ib Hong Kong's financial industry and was one of the youngest managing director in Credit Suisse, specializing in derivatives and equities.  DEFGROUP was established in Shanghai the same year that Alex officially took over les enphants’management in 2017. Alex feels pleasure to help people to enjoy sports and improve wellness plan in DEFGROUP.  Committed to turning DEFGREOUP into a comprehensive martial arts training community that delivers a healthy lifestyle and shares joy with like-minded partners.


 Stanley Tam

Founder, SHBJJ

Roll for life.


Stan is one of the pioneers that promoted the development of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in mainland China. he founded SHBJJ which was one of the oldest and most successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academies in China.  His meticulous, vivid and humorous teaching style has been well received by students for many years.  The 'Roll for life' training concept he advocated inspired many Jiu-Jitsu students with a new understanding of this fascinating martial art.  Instead of another type of exercise, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a healthy and active lifestyle, a pursuit of martial art and living sprit!

In addition to his achievements in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Stan also has extensive experience in physical fitness training. He has conducted a number of fitness workshops with weight training master Steve Maxwell to help coaches and enthusiasts who want to improve fitness training.


Francesca Kee



GM, The Carat Club China

To gain vitality in peace and strength

To show female charm with glamour healthy on boxing ring and Jiu-Jitsu mat

Fran worked in a overseas 4A company and engaged in sales and marketing for many years. Now she has been in Shanghai for more than a decade.  As a Malaysian Chinese born in Penang and grew up in Kuala Lumpur, she was deeply attracted to this unique city, Shanghai, and started her new work and life here.  In addition to her role as the general manager of the Carat Club China, she is also a mother of two cute children. Her fast-paced life still cannot stop her love of combat! Her admiration of kung fu movies since childhood, her 14 years of yoga practice, her experience of various types of sports have become important factors and lead her to join DEFGROUP as a partner.  Now, her training has been a part of her daily life, which has made her more peaceful and powerful. She has also become a community influencer, calling for  the joy of active lifestyle.