Come meet one of our All-star trainees

Our All Stars boxing camp has come to its ninth week. All the students are putting in 100% of their efforts in hopes of getting selected to compete at the DEF Boxing FIGHT NIGHT in Hong Kong.

In the past 8 weeks, our professional coaches Randy and Rey have not only carved out boxing skills and tactics of the students, but enhanced their endurance and physical performance through conditioning training.

We had a chance to talk to Daniel and he graciously shared his purpose and vision on boxing.

Q:When did you start boxing and why?

A:I started boxing since August 2017. Back then, I was just thinking about learning a new skill.

Q:What has boxing done for your life ?

A:The benefits are plenty: First, I’ve gained better agility and I’m more reactive. Second, it’s good self defense. Third, it’s great training for body coordination and achieve a better body. Last but not least, what I’ve gained the most is a group of friends at DEFGROUP to grow and train together.

Q:Why did you choose DEFGROUP?

A:There is no reason not to choose DEFGROUP if you want to learn boxing. I’m a true believer of letting the pros do the job and these guys at DEFGROUP are the pros!

Q:Who do you prefer... Randy or Rey?

A:I’d say Randy if it’s a tough day, and Rey when I’m having a great day.

Q:If you get to go to Hong Kong, what would you like to do apart from competing and training?

A:I am definitely confident to win at the selection competition! Apart from competition and training, more important is to know and make friends with people who love boxing.

Q:I don’t have a specific goal, but hope to keep doing it as far as I can.

A:4 weeks left before All Stars camp ends! We can’t wait to see the performances from the trainees in the upcoming selection competition!

对话All Stars学员,拳击道路无止尽对话All Stars学员,拳击道路无止尽

对话All Stars学员,拳击道路无止尽