Meet our student: Dora

Today, we are gonna introduce you guys Blondie Dora who is training at our Yuyuan Academy now.

1.Please introduce yourself

My name is Dora, I am a Hungarian interior architect based in Shanghai. I like learning languages, traveling,biking, cooking and eating a lot of strawberries. I started practicing BJJ in April 2018. I was at a friends’ gathering, where two guys were practicing BJJ for some time. They talked about it with such passion that I signed up for a trial class the next week, haha! I got hooked on it very quickly, it is such an empowering feeling to be on the mat!


I chose DEF because of its professional trainers and nice and clean facilities. I also appreciate the fitness and stretching classes available as an addition to my BJJ training. 

3.Who is your favorite coach and which is your favorite class? Why?

I cannot choose one!

4.What did you get from these classes?

More confidence, ability to better manage emotions coming with failure. Better dealing with work related stress. A toned body :P

5.How do you understand 'fitness as lifestyle'?

It is about working toward a fitter and healthier me. Also making decisions that not contradict (at least not too much haha) with these goals in my everyday life.

6.Anything you want to say to DEFGROUP team and your training partners?

Keep up the good work!