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Team building activities have plenty of benefits: it builds trust, communication and fosters bonding amongst teammates. This helps to boost morale, improves productivity and adds vibrancy in a workplace. Why sign up for boring and mundane skill set/discovery workshops when you can take the team out and burn some Fat and Calories in a Fun and Healthy way!



DEFGROUP provides the perfect solution for your team building. Come to DEFGROUP with your colleagues to experience sports, modern martial arts and a healthy lifestyle. Stand on the mats and boxing ring for combat training, feel the experience of teamwork, and all the pressure brought about by daily work through the sweat!





Our affiliated brands include: renowned Hong Kong based boxing academy (DEF Boxing) and Shanghai’s first professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school (SHBJJ) with over a decade of expertise. 


Here at DEFGROUP, we pride ourselves in providing professional guidance to our members through a series of carefully curated curriculums to help them attain their fitness goals. Beyond that, we constantly strive towards our motto: “Fitness as a lifestyle”, of building a joyous, fitter and healthier community.  




Team Building Program


Our tailored programs can be offered both in English and/or Mandarin, including but not limited to

  • Self-Defense

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Fitness

  • Boxing

  • Muay Thai


DEFGROUP has rich experience in organizing special events for our corporate clients, such as HSBC Shanghai Headquarter, GKCSB EMBA President class, CA Patisserie, AIA Suzhou, Greenland, les enphants and so on.

At DEFGROUP, we treasure team spirit as much as you do, which is why we are committed to cater a unique, fitness-centered experience for your team. Contact us now for your team building program!

Customized courses


We are involved in organizing and planning customized courses for following brands & organizations:

BMW, WELL FUN, YPO World Youth President organization Shanghai branch, BYMB Nike Club activities, BYMB SKECHERS Club member activities.


企业课程     企业课程     企业课程

企业课程     企业课程     企业课程

Employee benefit


Not only we can offer weekly exclusive classes for your team, we can also provide flexible corporate membership services and dedicated employee training plans.

If you have any requires regarding team building, corporate customized courses or employee benefit plans, please feel free to contact us!