Tony Eduardo Lima
Tony Eduardo Lima

Head Instructor

Place of birth: Florianoplis, Brazil

BJJ Black Belt

Professor Tony Eduardo has been training since the age of 12. He received his Black Belt from Crolin & Rilion Gracie when he was 22. Tony is known for his advanced guard game and technical abilities, which he carries into the classroom. He strongly guides his students to learn the basics, and to build a foundation of BJJ.

He feels once you have the basics you can then build a more advanced and technical game. 

Some of Tony's notable competition wins would have to be:

7 X South Brazilian Champ, 

South American Black Belt Champ, 

2 X Worlds Mundials bronze medalist, 

ADCC 2005 first Brazilian trial champ, 

2009 American National Jiu-Jitsu Champion. 

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